It's estimated that the use of social technologies could yield over $1 trillion annually across the value chain. Yet companies in the logistics and supply chain industries have been hesitant to leverage these tools in their marketing strategies. Only recently have they begun to recognize the enormous benefits businesses can realize by participating in social media.

Fronetics has developed a comprehensive white paper exploring social media use in general and, specifically, within the logistics and supply chain industries. 

This report:

  • Defines social media and social technologies
  • Examines social media user data and usage patterns
  • Analyzes adoption of social media across the business world
  • Explores benefits of participation for businesses
  • Recommends strategies for measuring ROI
  • Offers additional resources on social media and the supply chain and logistics industries

If your business is not participating in social media, you are at a severe disadvantage. Learn more about how and why by downloading Fronetics' Report: Social Media and the Logistics and Supply Chain Industries. 

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