Within the past five years, companies within the logistics and supply chain industries have begun to see social media as a strategic tool and to actively use and leverage these platforms in their marketing plans. 

A survey conducted by Fronetics looks broadly at the use of social media within the logistics and supply chain industries.  The report discusses motivations, preferences, benefits, and challenges. 

Key findings include:

  • 68% of survey respondents report that their company has realized benefits by participating in social media.

  • Increased engagement with customers, increased market intelligence, and increased business intelligence are primary benefits realized by companies.

  • Companies are turning to social media to establish and advance their brand and image.

  • The majority of companies are currently managing their social media strategy in-house.

  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are the social networks most commonly used by companies.

  • Twitter and LinkedIn are perceived to have the greatest business impact.

  • Time constraints, budget constraints, and a lack of an identified strategy are the key challenges identified by respondents.

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